19 Items That Can Be Used For A Very Different Purpose

“You can use a pencil to rewind a cassette tape.”

“Silly string is used to detect bombs, since it sticks to the tripwire and makes it visible, while being light enough not to trigger it.”

“A hammer can be used for a window opener.”

“Potato crisps are perfect to start a fire when you have no tinder. They’re so greasy that they burn really well.

Same goes for tampons if you pull them apart a little. They also come packaged in waterproof plastic so even when it rains you always got some dry tinder material. If you go camping it’s a good addition to your gear even if you’re a guy.”

“The corner of a wall to scratch your back, much like bears do on a tree. A blessing to those of us cursed with short/inflexible limbs.”

“Facial tissue, Kleenex in particular, was invented to remove theatrical makeup.”

“Ask a mechanic they all say a wrench is everything. Need a hammer? Wrench Need a tool to pry something off? Wrench Need a murder weapon? Wrench.”

“Vinegar is great as a cleaner. The smell vanishes when dried. Only white vinegar though.”

“Pour melted wax into an egg carton packed with sawdust and let it cool and harden. Cut each ‘egg’ into quarters and store them. Take them camping with you or when hiking. A source of fire, and it’ll burn continuously, letting you have plenty of time to build a fire with sticks in a emergency situation.”

“Lighter as a bottle opener. Although you can use pretty much everything as a bottle opener.”

“Cyanoacrylate (super glue) was used to quickly patch up battlefield wounds until a surgeon was available.”

“Lipstick can also be used as blush on your cheeks if you use a light amount and blend it out with your fingers.”

“Pen caps can be used for inner ear scratches. Wouldn’t recommend getting into this habit though.”

“Play-Doh was originally invented as a wallpaper cleaner.”

“At least in the UK, Pringles lids fit Gü pots really well and are handy for storing small items or chopped ingredients ahead of cooking.”

“Wear your hoodie backwards and fill the hood with a ton of snacks for movie night. So nice not having to lean forward to grab stuff off the table.”

“Hiking sticks make great tent poles.”

“Binder clips can be used to easily organize cables.”

“Eyelash curlers. I once saw my sister using my mom’s to help squeeze dirt and oils out of her noses pores.”

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