19 Nostalgic Pics To Take ’90s Kids Back To Sixth Grade

These 19 vintage photos are like a time machine for ’90s kids, transporting them straight back to their sixth-grade years. Enjoy the wave of nostalgia!

These “photos” or our memories record sights, sounds, and textures much better than they capture entire events.

That’s why all ’90s and if we’re being honest, most people, remember the sensation of stabbing an eraser with a pencil, or the smell of scented marker.

“The original smart board.”

“THIS is anxiety.”

“These smelled SO bad and were probably washed once a year.”

“The flavor of the wooden spoon haunts me to this day.”

“Why were we forced to play hot cross buns?”

“If you had these you were COOL.”

“I can still smell them.”

“The static on these.”

“I was riding in style on these bad boys.”

“The peak of entertainment.”

“No other pizza quite like it.”

“Hit you with that Black Magic.”

“Resting your head on the cold window.”

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