19 People Are Sharing Pettiest Pet Peeves

“I hate it when a book is made into a film, and then they change the original cover of the book to a still from the movie.”


“Or the cover has a big printed graphic “Now a Major Motion Picture””


“People who comment on what I’m eating. Look lady I’m eating it not you.”


“Blankets that are too small.”


“People who don’t knock before opening a door.”


“People who use acronyms you’re not familiar with, then don’t explain what they mean.”


“When people are telling a story and get lost in irrelevant details. “Last Tuesday, I went… wait, maybe it was Wednesday? No, it was definitely Tuesday because that’s garbage day…” as I’m just sitting there, eye twitching.”


“People who leave cook time on the microwave instead of hitting clear.”


“People spelling my name wrong. Nearly every job I’ve had in my adult life, I’ve received a welcome email in which my name has been spelled wrong— it’s not even an odd or uncommon name— it’s like they didn’t even read my resume or any of the documents I had to fill out in order to work there.”


“Clean the big food off your dishes before leaving them by the sink, please. *eye twitching*”


“Listening to the anchors laughing about something on the local news channels. Something about them laughing is so inauthentic and for some reason pisses me off.”

u/Voyaging Vulture

“People who don’t watch where they’re walking.”


““I can’t hardly sleep.”

I can hardly stand to hear that.”


“My dad not getting the damn hearing aids he needs. He blares the tv, forgets his headphones half the time, and just being really loud in general.

It is to the point I am not calm when he is home because of how much noise he makes. And that is the tip of the iceberg of his weird habits and behaviors, but it is the pettiest.”


“People who claim to having ocd but very clearly do not have ocd “Oh I just tilt my straw, I know I’m sooo ocd!””


“If you say you’re gonna be 10 minutes, I expect 10 minutes. I can understand if you just say “just doing such and such be there soon.” But do not give me a timeframe if you can’t keep it.”


“People going into my room and not closing the door shut behind them when they leave.”


“When you tell someone “I don’t like ____ food” and they act super dramatic about how great ____ food is.

Nobody likes EVERY food, but if you don’t like a food someone else likes, they act as if you are disrespecting them personally. They forget that there is food they don’t like and it is inconceivable that you don’t like the same things they do.

I don’t like corn, and the amount of people who act like I told them I pee out my butthole after learning this is annoying.”


“When I cook for you, and you let the food get cold because you’re doing something else. I said dinner is ready you f@#king @$$hole”


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