19 People Convince Us Which Dog Breed Is The Best And Why

A rescued mutt – the most valuable dog there is!

Pitbull. Loyal, caring, protective and straight-up big soft babies.

German Shepherds. No explanation needed.

Mini Schnauzers because they are fluffy little sploots that have the most chill personality ever, plus they don’t shed 🙂

Great Danes! I wake up in the morning and if I dont open my eyes, for just a second I think some guy is actually spooning me…then I quickly realize it’s my great dane. But, he is a damn good cuddler!

Black lab. Hands down. Most friendly and loyal. Also works well with everyone. Kids and other dogs

Boxer – Very loyal, family dogs, gentle, easy to train, fun, loving, always puppy-ish, cuddly… everything you’d want in a dog

Border Collie. Smartest dog breed. Can teach them anything. Beautiful, loyal, great size, active, sweet, loving and protective of their family and I swear they can read your mind.

Golden Retriever!!! They are the perfect combination of love, outdoors, stamina, cuddles, and personality.

Bulldogs are amazing! Relaxed and great temperament. Lovable and adorable.

Aussie Shepherds- great looking and best with kids, protective too.

Rotties. Get one and you’ll know why they’re the best.

Belgium Malinois! They are nuts but awesome dogs

German shorthaired pointer. The best bird hunting dog you will find. Amazing with kids. Loves to cuddle. Loves everybody.

Blue Heeler is the true definition of “Man’s Best Friend “

Huskies. Smart, loyal, energetic, mischievous, and gorgeous!

Our yellow lab was amazing. No matter what kind of crappy day you had, Harley was always glad to see you. My daughter’s used him as a step stool for years, he helped himself to pizza on the counter (but would offer to share it) and when you talked to him, I swear he understood what you were saying.

A Queensland heeler-cause I have one and I said so…. plus it’s funny to watch your friends run away from a medium size dog that’s trying to nip the ankle.

Pugs all they do is eat, sleep, fart and love you forever

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