19 People Who Decided To Try Their Luck With Plastic Surgery

“Before and 2 weeks post-op from my septorhinoplasty. Didn’t expect to like my nostrils so much!”

“I got my braces off after 3 years! It was hard to find an older picture where I smiled with teeth.”

“17 days post-op from my double jaw surgery (UK)! Recovery has been a struggle but I have no regrets.”

“March vs now! I feel like a whole new person.”

“2 years post-op from septorhinoplasty”

“Today, I’m exactly 9 months in!”

“Here’s me, 5-months post-op! DJS + genioplasty + septoplasty! I’m so happy with the results.”

“Day 2 post-op from Asian blepharoplasty. Still swollen but I like how it’s going!”

“Had braces all throughout college, so, yeah, this is great!”

“6 months post-chin implant and submentoplasty!”

“Double jaw surgery transformation in the UK (date of surgery: May 28, 2019)”

“Getting there!”

“Before and after genioplasty and rhinoplasty”

“10 weeks post-top jaw surgery, before and after”

“10 days post-op!”

“Second time in braces…”

“2 weeks post-op, before and after! These aren’t professional photos or anything, and I’m still pretty swollen.”

“8 weeks post-op! LJS + sliding genio, before and after”


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