19 Photos Prove That Ordinary Things Can Mean A Lot

“I saved this Pooh Bear I got in 1992 for my future child. Here’s my 5-month-old girl loving him like her daddy once did.”

“In memory of my father.”

“Got my permanent prosthetic today! I can walk limp- and pain-free for the first time in 8 years!”

“After a year of not looking after myself, finally got my hair cut and started therapy, time for a new beginning!”

“50 and finally got my masters… Super stoked I am…”

“My son’s Star Wars wall. (No idea how long it took me to paint).”

“My wife was up until 3 AM making my daughter an ‘ice cream’ birthday cake and cupcake cones.”

“My son Carlisle, he’s 18 and a college graduate. They said he’d end up in a group home for autism.”

“I made my cat Bucky a little bed to hang on the wall. He loves it.”

“My daughter showed me that she’s been writing every number when she gets bored. So I dug up my very old notebook.”

“An elderly neighbor of mine is throwing a birthday party for his dog.”

“Depression was so bad I couldn’t do my dishes for months. Today was the first time both my sinks have been clean since March.”

“Life has gotten better, jobs going well and kicking my anxiety’s butt. My sister got me some Neon Zebra pattern dungarees.”

“I got injured in 2020, but I found a new hobby, and today I made the fountain I used to run past every day.”

“Surprised my dad by flying across the country to board the last flight of his career.”

“Tonight is my first night in a proper bed in longer than I can remember, and I built it myself.”

“I got into a car accident and was scared of driving. Today I took my car out and drove around (with my stuffed toy to feel better!)”

“After 7 ankle surgeries, my last knee scooter bit the dust. Just got a new one!”

“I have cerebral palsy, which has always made it difficult for me to run and jog. Today I jogged 3 km!”

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