19 Photos Show That South Korea Belongs To Another Planet

“UV disinfectant devices installed on the handrails for escalators around Seoul.”

“In Korea, single-use water bottles don’t have plastic wrapping to allow for easy recycling.”

“Bus stop in Korea spraying mist during the summer to keep people cool.”

“Train station that I stopped at in South Korea had a library kiosk. Thought it was really cool.”

“My Korean School Lunch!! Free for all students”

“In South Korea, Kodak sells high end clothing and accessories.”

“There’s a cafe in Korea that serves freshly made drinks in sealed aluminum cans.”

“The Oakwood hotel in Korea now uses wooden keycards.”

“This bus in Korea has USB charging ports anyone can use.”

“New ’butter’ ice cream flavor here in Korea.”

“Crosswalks in Korea have light bars on the ground to signal people.”

“An immigration office in Korea has reading glasses for those who need them to fill out forms.”

“They are labeled by age group for people in their ’40s, ’50s, or ’60s.”

“This fridge in Korea is organized by type, brand, and price.”

“Yummy Gift Set in South Korea”

“A heated bench in S. Korea (34c = 93f).”

“This ramen I bought in South Korea has a scale to show the amount of sodium.”

“In South Korea, they built stairs around the trees.”

“In Korea, they sell coleslaw in McDonald’s.”

“South Korea is home to the first cruise ship on-land hotel.”

Credits: brightside.me

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