19 Photos Show The True Friendship Between People And Animals

“It looks like the happiest donkey in the whole world.”

“Its human is its safe place, so it falls asleep on his face.”

“After a long day at school and a long day of being a dog, sometimes all you need is your cuddle buddy.”

“My father’s Caucasian Shepherd, Nazar.”

“Looking at the clouds with her chicken friend.”

“Never too big to be a lapdog…”

“This is my wife’s cat that still lives at her parents’ house. I’m kind of his favorite.”

“My high-fiving buddy coming to hang out with me after not seeing him for a while.”

“This guy just came up to our house to get some scratches and my son was happy to help.”

“Sundays are for snoozin’.”

“This FedEx delivery guy seems to have a part-time job as a cat whisperer.”

“Adoption day vs today — they’ve grown really fond of each other.”

“My son wanted a kitten for over a year, and today he picked out his new best friend at the shelter. He’s so proud!”

“This kitten and his baby had a strong bond right from the start.”

“Our oldest daughter and her kitty — 7 years later, they’re still the best of friends.”

“A man and his kitty. We recently moved cross-country and a friend watched our kitty for 3 weeks while we looked for a place. We were finally reunited this week.”

“His girlfriend gets up early, so she replaces herself with her cat, and so far, it’s been working out great.”

“Our cat never used to snuggle with my wife, and it always disappointed her. Now that she is working from home things have changed and these are the pictures she texts me every day now.”

“They’ve got their own little code to get the snuggles going.”

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