19 Photos That Have No Logic At All

“How Walmart shipped a folding chair”

“My wife found this motorcycle parked in the cart return today.”

“Our toilet seat broke so the landlady sent us a new one and ignored our request for it to be square.”

“A 10-minute walk in 91 degrees only to see someone locked up 2 of the nets. What’s the point of this?”

“The waste left from my sister’s art project — all brand new printer paper”

“My partner and I just bought a Lego storage box from the Lego company, and it has a crevasse where small legos get stuck.”

“The husband puts his coffee mug next to 2 empty coasters.”

“Somebody broke off the stalks of the asparagus to avoid paying the per-pound price for the parts they weren’t going to use.”

“The way my girlfriend ’puts away the groceries,’ still in the bag”

“The question remains: Which of all these faucets will open the one faucet this tub has?”

“Wouldn’t it have been easier to remove the outlet?”

“I ordered 12 items from the same listing on Amazon. This is how they arrived compared to how they are being stored.”

“My employer is refusing workers from using the A/C as a heatwave is rushing in.”

“The chairs waiting for you in the laser eye clinic’s reception”

“This is how my wife puts away the clean bath towels in the linen closet.”

“People who close binders like this”

“This is how my girlfriend eats cheesecake.”

“My sister…”

“Yep, they’re in alphabetical order. Very logical yet so hard to use…”

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