19 Photos That Will Put Smile On Your Face

“A snails footprint vs a humans footprint”

“A dove made a nest on the wreath hanging on my front door”

“I put my daughter down to go make coffee, turn around 30 sec later to find this”

“I got really excited when I caught a lizard 20 years ago”

“My employee has a shoe backpack”

“Developed a film from 2018 and noticed the stranger with a lovely smile looking at the camera”

“The Handicap Signs in the Serena Williams Building at Nike HQ are Playing Tennis”

“Pigeon taking a trip on the tube…. Again…”

“One of my twin daughters have started to steal my hoodies cuz ”they smell like you dad”.. just like her mom”

“Just moved in, decent sized lemon tree, they are super potent in flavor but just so tiny”

“Albino deer in my grandma’s neighbor’s trail cam”

“My 7 y/o daughter drew Sonic today. I’m so proud of her and her ability”

“My parents got a new puppy, and I must say I approve of our new member to the family”

“So my new heart medication is in the shape of a heart! That has made me smile”

“Rainbow parking lot (in order!) during snowy preschool drop-off”

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