19 Photos Will Prove You That Nature Is So Creative

A naturally pink manta ray

A gecko’s toe pads

A teeny-tiny pyjama squid

African wild dog pups

If birds were supermodels, the male secretary bird would take Grand Prix.

The Spanish shawl, a type of hermaphroditic sea slug.

Basket stinkhorn, a type of fungus.

Indigo milk cap mushroom

This spider managed to spin a web that holds water!

A rainbow wrasse caught off Christmas Island

This little cutie is called a “zonkey,” it’s half zebra half donkey.

This is what artichokes look like if you let them flower.

Then there was this guy…

Squids have “golden teeth” inside their suction cups!

Blue bees exist (they’re blue carpenter bees)!

A Norway spruce growing with a blue spruce in Ontario, Canada

Pixar seems to get inspiration from nature…

“Found this pink grasshopper today.”

A cassowary lays green eggs!

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