19 Pictures That Are Just Plain Weird And Interesting

“My friend’s outfit exactly matched my coffee cup today.”

“The gas station by my house has a full bar inside.”

“Beautiful sap formation from a cashew tree.”

“This is what broccoli looks like if you don’t harvest it.”

“Asked for extra pickles and got 25.”

“Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs ID Kit.”

“I’m at a townie bar in rural Wisconsin, they have a headrest at the urinals in the men’s room.”

“Complimentary sticks” for dogs in a posh part of London.”

“I found a Boba Fett action figure whilst walking my dog!”

“A little bear found its way into that Lumaconi bag.”

“The expiration date on my mayo spells out mayo.”

“This little VW van.”

“The sun is making my door feel exclamatory today.”

“This packet of sponges came with a free hedgehog.”

“This apple with two stems that I bought.”

“The white sweet potato has a purple inside and the purple sweet potato has a white inside.”

“A peeled lime.”

“My packet of sour patch kids has this massive sour patch in it.”

“I found some candles at work today that matched my nails.”

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