19 Questionable Designs

“This eco-friendly bottle made of paper”

“They made an Internet competition and were forced to actually sell the winning design.”

“The broken doorbell at my neighbor’s place in Munich”

“That would explain why my ankle hurts.”

“The recycling and trash go into the same bin.”

“Shrinkflation was used by Cadbury to literally cut corners. The bottom chocolate bar is more than 8% smaller.”

“My workplace’s ‘low plastic, recyclable eco-pens’ have a secret at their core.”

“I conditioned my body 3 times this week.”

“I work for a company with a division that designs and installs kitchens, and this is our break room.”

“Literally, it’s just uncomfortable for everyone.”

“Perfectly fine lighters with no way to refuel them”

“Packaging that tricks you”

“My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined. I didn’t even get a cotton candy one.”

“I would like to thank Suave for increasing the size of their bottle by −17%.”

“No more waiting for the bus!”

“I went to get my mail and this was the first thing I saw.”

“New chairs in Starbucks, specifically designed so people won’t hang around for a long time.”

“Amazon sent me nail polish in a box so big that I had to go to the post office to pick it up when I wasn’t home to receive it.”

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