19 Secret Santa Gifts

“I used wrapping paper to make a bike for my girlfriend.”

“However, there is whole lotta stuff in there: candles, tarot cards, a photo book, a necklace, and LED lights.”

“Took longer than I care to admit. But I successfully wrapped a gift card!”

“Made a custom box for my wife’s Christmas present. It has a necklace with her and the kids’ birthstones inside.”

“My brother asked for a ladder.”

“How I wrapped a pack of mints for my nephew…”

“This is a drone for my dad.”

“That’s how we wrapped a drill.”

“It’s towels for the mother-in-law.”

“I wonder if my daughter will be able to figure out what’s inside.”

“There is a bowling ball inside.”

“My dad always guesses his Christmas gift before he opens it. Think he’ll know he’s getting wrenches?”

“My daughter is obsessed with horses, but I can’t afford to buy her one. Bought her a gift card for riding lessons and wrapped it like this.”

“This is how my friend wrapped up a toilet plunger.”

“There is an umbrella inside this “snow cleaner.””

“This stroller package hides an umbrella too.”

“There are actually chocolate bars inside this wrap job.”

“I bought my sister a shirt for Christmas.”

“Framed pictures wrapped as a tank”

“There is a USB stick in this false wrapping.”

“How else would you wrap a board game?”

Source: brightside.me

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