19 Strange Phases During Our Younger Years

“I listened to ICP”

“Puka shell necklaces and cargo shorts, WTF was I thinking?”

“I went through the “thug years””

“Heavy metal band T-shirt’s and eyeliner”

“Thought I was a great football player all through college. Phase ended after my last game.”

“Becoming a night owl”

“Emo is not a phase!!”

“Rave culture”

““Hip-stereotypical” Asian phase! Need dragons on EVERYTHING!!!”

“Hardcore hippie. Now I still love the music but don’t dress like I’m training to be a clown”

“Skater pothead”

“In 2006 I discovered 90’s grunge and thought I was edgy”

“Ridiculous Bodybuilding phase. Zubaz pants weight lifting gloves and powder protein drinks that only made ya fart non stop.”

“Camo pants. I wore camo pants every day in elementary for most of 4th and 5th grade. Even had camo zip-offs for when it got hot lol.”

“That phase when I actually slept 8 hours a night. God, I miss that.”

“Graffiti, walking around the shadiest parts of the city in the middle of the night with markers and cans is a type of excitement I’ll always remember, but never recommend because I was lucky to have walked away from it all without anything seriously bad happening.”

“Using my neighbor’s computer to download porn.”

“I liked Country music for like 2 years.”

“The @$$hole to my parents phase. Guess what kids your parents are right.”

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