19 Things That Are Not What You Think They Are

“This tree at my local park looks like copper.”

“I found a pebble that looks like a slice of French toast.”

“My toasted marshmallows look like meat.”

“This wallet is disguised as a map of New York to throw off pickpocketers.”

“A cracked nut that resembles an owl”

“This plant looks like a broomstick.”

“These flowers look like hummingbirds drinking nectar.”

“This granola tried to disguise itself as the kitchen counter.”

“This wasp nest looks a bit like Jupiter.”

“My daytime cold medicine melted in my car and now they look like elf shoes.”

“The window in this house I rented looks like a painting.”

“This is not a wooden twig — it’s a moth!”

“This rock looks like a piece of raw chicken.”

“Small apples that look like cherries”

“It looks like a piece of pork belly, but it’s actually a small rock.”

“Meet cucamelons — they look like tiny watermelons and taste like cucumbers.”

“A moth that pretends to be a dry leaf”

“What a mouthwatering piece of chocolate cake — oh, wait, that’s a rock!”

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