19 Unbelievable Stories Of Lucky Shoppers Scoring Big In Thrift Shops

Join us as we celebrate these extraordinary moments of serendipity, where junk becomes treasure and dreams come true.

“This beautiful dresser I got. I almost left it in the store because it was very heavy.”

“My mom found gold (literally). She pulled out a suitcase at an outlet, it was empty except for some 22 cent stamps and this gold coin.”

“We got it appraised yesterday, it’s 99.1% gold and once the market raises a bit he said it’ll be worth $500!”

“My white whale for $12.99! At an online store, it is sold for $243.99. I ran to my husband and told him, ’It has happened to me, too!’”

“I bought this lovely vase and was delighted. Then I read what they say about it and now I’m scared. I suspect it’s made of uranium glass.”

“My husband says I’m a thrift witch.”

“I went in today to look for Perler beads and came out with a $600 Gucci handbag. Oh, and some Perler beads.”

“Snagged this baby online. Bought her for $450, spent $150 replacing prongs, prettying her up, and getting an appraisal.”

“Appraisal came back $2,200. I’m in love.”

“I couldn’t stop laughing. Had to buy it.”

“My wife and I saw the same thing but turtles in a Goodwill years ago. We still talk about how we should have bought it”

“I don’t know what to use it for but it spoke to me.”

“It’s a candy dish”

“My girlfriend is so happy to have found this painting of a chunky cat.”

“I was looking through the case piles at a thrift store and found a pink tablet case.”

“Was about to brush it to the side until I realized how heavy it was for such a small and cheap case. Turns out it had a functional tablet in it! Just had to charge it up and reset it.”

“When they talk about love at first sight, I felt it when I saw this.”

“Yesterday was a banner day for Asian decor & furniture. You wouldn’t believe what we paid, it’s almost criminal!”

“My mum bought me this scarf for $0.50. It’s 100% silk and it’s from my mum, so it’s priceless.”

“I had never enjoyed getting the side eye until this lady came into my life. This pitcher signed ’Helena.’”

“My husband hates it, but I want to have fancy breakfast in bed!”

“Unexpected score today! The lamp’s not in the best shape, but the shade is killer. No less than 3 people tried to buy it from me before I got to the register.”

“Found this mask and thought it was cool. Although my wife won’t let me hang it over the bed.”

“Swooped this cookie jar so fast I couldn’t believe it for $4.95.”

“That’s a Bartlett Collins cookie jar, and they are worth $400. I have a turquoise one”

“I bought this $1,500 designer wedding gown for just $70. My mom’s gonna kill me. We had plans to go dress shopping but… It’s incredible in every way!”

Source: brightside.me

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