19 Weird Things With Unusual Features

“After months of searching for a wedding band I found this beauty at a vintage auction!”

“This flower looks like an alien who’s holding a plate.”

“This table is made with recycled books.”

“This blue jay still has half of its baby feathers.”

“I found a wall with a bottle built into it, which has a small note inside.”

“Toddler’s footprints in the snow were the last thing to melt.”

“The spoon-fork design”

“Both of my lights burnt out — one turned white while the other turned black.”

“This egg yolk that survived the mixer at work.”

“This toilet paper roll has an extra roll in its core.”

“Someone attached a bike chain to a tree a few years ago and now the tree grew over it.”

“This lemon looks like a rock and roll hand.”

“This spruce has grown spirals inside!”

“This cup reveals a picture of a woman when it‘s held up into the light.”

“Strawberry that only grew leaves”

“I was born with extra knuckles in my thumbs!”

“The way wind eroded this rock”

“Kaffir limes look like green brains.”

“These pillows that look like a tree cookie and a log.”

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