$2.5 Trillion Asset Manager Puts Statue Of Fearless Girl In Front Of Wall Street Bull

Wall Street’s famous Charging Bull statue now has company. State Street Global Advisors, the world’s third-largest asset manager, has installed a bronze statue named The Fearless Girl directly across from the Bull, and she stands for more than just artistic value.

The young girl poses confidently and defiantly in stark opposition of her bovine counterpart, and is meant to represent the fight for gender equality in today’s workforce. By standing up to the ‘bull’ of male dominance, especially in the business world, she empowers women to do the same. A plaque fixed to the ground in front of her reads “know the power of women in leadership”.

State Street’s campaign is rolling out just in time for International Women’s Day, and in addition to the powerful statue which will stand in Bowling Green Park for a week, the powerful money manager has sent letters to 3500 companies asking them to add more women to their boards. They have vowed to vote against any that don’t comply, a hugely important step to be taken by such an influential corporation.

This is The Fearless Girl, a new bronze statue installed by $2.5 trillion asset manager State Street Global Advisors

She stands directly across from Wall Street’s iconic Charging Bull, silently yet defiantly asserting her equal prowess

A symbol of the fight for gender equality in the business world, she is part of a State Street campaign to empower women

Learn more about The Fearless Girl in this Reuters video. Happy International Women’s Day!

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