20 Amazing And Surprising Discoveries

“This cedar wood I was cutting is purple inside.”

“I found this bullet lodged in one of the logs. This tree was shot long ago and it healed itself around the bullet.”

“The invert of my coffee looks like a tiny galaxy.”

“My succulent has grown into a sandworm from Dune.”

“Coneflowers trapped in a jacket of ice after an autumn storm”

“This leaf that looks like a cartoon mouse”

“The way this tree grew over the light at an abandoned campground”

“My milk cried over spilled milk.”

“I saw the praying mantis in this pine door.”

“3 ears I grew from the same heirloom corn variety”

“This piece of a brick wall broke off and was shaped by the river.”

“Forgot my spaghetti with mushrooms in the microwave for a week. Now it’s a fluffy mold ball.”

“This moss looks like a smiley face chicken nugget.”

“A tomato seed sprouted inside the tomato.”

“This leaf I found today with frozen water droplets on it”

“Usually, the walls have ears.”

“I saw a colorless rainbow today!”

“This tree in Barcelona has a face.”

“Out deep on a desert hike, I found a secret spot someone has been returning to for a while.”

“A crane near my work was illuminated like this on a foggy morning.”

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