20 Amazing Finds That Will Fascinate You

These intriguing discoveries range from ancient artifacts to cutting-edge innovations, each with a story that captivates the imagination.

“There is a tiny Statue of Liberty in this park in Paris.”

“You can see all the colors of the Disneyland Teacup because its worn off where the door closes”

“The difference in appearance of this nuthatch after I found it vs after a 2 hour nap in a shoebox”

“German hospital lunch today”

“Found a spider living inside my radioactive camera lens”

“This urinal at my local climbing gym can only be used by climbing up the bathroom wall”

“This Bonsai plant has a hexagon branch structure”

“This curly cone at my work”

“Local Dollar General leaves foil out to prevent theft for drug habit.”

“My Lyft driver holds a stuffed bunny while driving.”

“High security toilet when I went for strep test”

“My lemon tree always gives out giant, mutated lemons”

“The chair in my hotel room in Japan only has one arm for some reason”

“This horizontal tape dispenser”

“Someone’s eyelash/hair was laminated into my debit card”

“Restaurant uses a concrete sink, and it’s eroded away over time”

“T-Shirts are sized way differently in the US compared to Europe and Australia.”

“My apple and orange fully dehydrated without molding after sitting in a brand new apartment building for 3 months.”

“I spilled salted pasta water on my stove and it dried in crystals”

“Wear and tear on hiking boots, Size 10.5, new vs. old”


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