20+ Amazing Products That People Swear Are Their Best Purchases Ever

Magic Erasers – No longer do I fear buying white shoes. Also no more crayon on my walls!

Pelican Cases – Expensive, but the two things that will survive nuclear war will be roaches and the Pelican case they were hiding behind.

Tiger Balm – It is the best thing I’ve ever found to relieve itching and swelling from insect bites. It’s also a natural insect repellent.

SteelSeries Arctis 7 – Best gaming headset…fuckin love how comfortable they are, wireless works great and wired just as well. Quality is awesome and they’re durable as hell. Sound just needs a bit of tuning out the box, but it sounds great once you find your g-spot.

Shure SM58 Best vocal microphone ever made

I tour non-stop across America. performing more than 150 shows per year and this is my go to vocal mic. In fact, I keep three on hand in my touring rig at all times just in case. I have tried many more expensive microphones and the Shure SM58 is simply the best. Rock solid construction, bulletproof and has never let me down after more than a decade of use. You will love how your voice sounds live through this microphone!

Garage Containment Mat – (I catch shit for this one from friends and family, but I will never not have one moving forward. I live in Upstate New York where the salt and snow take over the world for 14 months out of the year. This thing helps the garage stay clean and protects the already aging cement floor.)

Rain-X – There’s a local car wash that i use in the winter to wash the underbody of my car to remove the salt and crap that accumulates. Anyway they have a $6 wash that includes rain x on the windshield. I completely forgot I had this applied for a few months until it finally rained. When I realized why the rain was just running off my windshield I was like… My god. I’ll always use this shit forever!

Old Bay Seasoning. There is no seasoning like it and no suitable home recipe to use as a replacement.

Gold Bond Medicated Powder – My husband and I keep cans of the spray everywhere. No more chaffing, no more sweaty balls and no more boob sweat.

Organic Coconut Oil – It’s a moisturizer, hair conditioner, cooking oil, sexy time lube, lip balm, butter substitute, leather softener, air freshener, and tastes great with cookie dough!

Oxiclean Stain Remover – I was stupid enough to install brand spanking new WHITE carpeting in my toddler’s bedroom several years ago. Somehow she got a hold of bright red lipstick and smashed it all into her carpet. It was the first time I ever tried Oxiclean and it worked like a charm. Every last bit of red nastiness came right out of the carpet and you couldn’t see anything had happened. I use that shit for everything now.

Imodium have hands down saved my life.

Dove bar soap is amazing!!! That’s all I ever use on my skin! It doesn’t dry out my skin and I feel like anything else is just too harsh.

Daves Killer Bread – that stuff is the shit!

J-B Weld – When duck tape and bailing wire won’t cut it, this shit works like a charm – It is insane. I mended a plastic door handle on a stress point and it was like it never broke. Amazing.

Dr. Bronner’s Soap – When I’m camping it runs duty for all soap needs, personal, dish,and otherwise

Carhartt Jackets – They’re warm, comfortable, and tough as hell. My jacket saved me from road rash and fire. There’s absolutely no jacket out there, in my estimation, that is better for tough, dirty, cold, manual labor.

Boil Ease – I find boil ease to be one of the only over the counter topical pain relievers that works for boil discomfort and pain.

Breath Right – I’ve been using nasal strips for the last 2 years and it was a game changer for my sleep

G.U.M. soft picksThey’re pretty much as good as flossing except with a lot less hassle, and you can still do other things while using them. The only time they don’t work well is if you have super tight teeth

SeaFoam -I’ve used it in every car I’ve ever bought. if one person benefits from this I’ll be happy

Spray Nine – It’s a serious degreaser – you use it when Simple Green doesn’t do the job. We use it for EVERYTHING. plastics, rims, tires, fabrics, vinyl, and more. It’s a great multipurpose cleaner

Pedialyte as a hangover cure. It replenishes the sodium that is lost from drinking heavily, and in personal experience drastically reduces the symptoms of a hangover.

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