20+ Amazing Products You Can Buy This Weekend

A bathtub tray to immediately make you feel like you’re about to take a bubble bath in a 5-star spa. You can bring your favorite book, your laptop to watch a flick, or just take a little snooze.

And a supportive bath pillow for anyone who would rather take a relaxing hot bath on a Friday night than go outside and *shudders* socialize. You have to admit your bathroom would look so much more inviting and cozy with this in it.

A rainfall showerhead because after a long day of work, don’t you deserve to feel like you stepped into a luxurious spa when you open your bathroom door? The answer is yes. Yes you do.

A mystical jigsaw puzzle that’s perfect for anyone who loves doing puzzles at home, but also likes something with just a little bit of ✨ magic ✨. What do I mean? Well, there’s a fun surprise when you get to the last puzzle piece. 👀

A fluffy round rug because nothing makes you want to stay home like a super inviting shaggy rug that’s basically ~begging~ for you to sink your toes into it. Do it. Sink the toes.

Fizzy aromatherapy bath bombs to add a little extra oomph to your already relaxing baths. Simply drop one in when you’re ready and watch it fizz up while making your water so soft and silky.

A Nintendo Switch so you can start a new cozy at-home hobby, like playing Stardew Valley all night long because you just *have* to make your farm look cute before bed.

An entertaining The Nightmare Before Christmas Cross-Stitch Kit to keep your hands busy as you watch your favorite holiday movies, like this one, instead of going out. 

A macrame swing to add some extra seating to your home, but like, in the coziest way possible. I can already picture all three of my cats fighting for this space.

A mermaid blanket so you can live your childhood mermaid dreams you’ve had since that one pool party when everyone refused to play “Mermaids” with you so you were left to play by yourself. This isn’t a personal anecdote. *sobs* Just…go be cozy in your mermaid tail. 

A cotton knit duvet cover you’ll find incredibly difficult to not want to spend your entire day in because of how beautiful and cozy it looks. Your bedroom would be the first image when you search “bedroom goals” on Pinterest.

A mushroom chair you’ll quickly designate as your go-to spot for reading books or taking midday naps.

A pack of beautiful Cleverfy Aromatherapy Shower Steamers if you don’t have the luxury of owning a bath, but still want that “bath bomb” experience.

A cozy terry cloth bathrobe because nothing says “Yeah, I’m not going out tonight” like your friends showing up and you’re wearing this.

A bed canopy to make your bed feel like your own ethereal sanctuary to read your favorite book or take the world’s best nap. Bonus points if you add string lights for extra coziness.

A comfy 5.5-foot bean bag floor pillow for times when laying on the couch is just not cozy enough for you.

An ivy garland because adding greenery to your space can instantly make it feel warm and welcoming, but who wants to actually do the work of keeping them alive? Faux is the way to go!

A pair of Dearfoams shearling slippers so you have the comfiest, water-resistant footwear to stay cozy around the house *and* handle a quick trip to Target for snacks.

And a pack of thick, cozy wool socks to really make those slippers *that* much cozier and warm for the upcoming winter season.

A mug warmer that’ll keep your coffee warm for literally the entire day, but also works great at keeping those late-night hot chocolates toasty hot. Who said it needs to be winter to make a hot choccy? Not me. 

A delightfully fuzzy loungewear set you’ll want to take an ~excessive~ number of photos in just to post #MovieNight on your Instagram feed.

A cheeky candle that not only makes your home smell lovely (and calming thanks to the lavender!), but the label is basically the epitome of your life.

And finally, a night-light projector because nothing says cozy like feeling like you’re in literal space while cuddling in your blanket, am I right?

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