20 Amazing Things You Should See Today

“This sandwich shop displays their one star reviews.”

“I opened this box and now it looks annoyed.”

“This French fry is 8 inches long.”

“My vegan chicken wing had a wooden bone in it.”

“Me trying to draw Principal Skinner from raw memory vs looking up a picture and then redrawing from refreshed memory.”

“This kid on my flight was watching Airplane.”

“This French bakery has a sign describing the difference between Macaroons, Macarons, and Macron.”

“My toothbrush wishing me a happy birthday”

“This jar makes sure you never have to go digging in the bottom”

“My garlic turned blue in the oven”

“A giant walk-in female breast to raise awareness about breast cancer in our local supermarket, from the Swiss Cancer League.”

“I got a piece of clothing form a thrift store, and it had a movie ticket from 1997 in the pocket.”

“The Pizza Hut in my hometown looks unchanged from the 1980s when I first came here.”

“My icecream came with an extra holding stick.”

“Here’s what an actual F1 steering wheel looks like”

“My omelette is exactly two slices of toast wide.”

“I’m 21, and I already have a streak of white hair :’)”

“The way this “E” was relocated after a wreck”

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