20 Ancient World History Photos That Reveal Secrets

These photos offer a rare glimpse into the ancient world, revealing fascinating details about history that are often overlooked. Take a deep dive into the past and uncover the secrets of civilizations long gone.

#1 Cobblestones

#2 Carlos For Scale

#3 The Inscriptions That Akhenaten Left For His Wife Nefertiti On The Walls Of The Amarna Temples

“I swear by you, my God, to make her a light in my heart that will not be extinguished, and to make me a support in her back that will not be broken, for she is from me and I am from her, and we are both the secret of the existence of the other.”

#4 “Translation Of The Text Written In Gold At The Entrance To The Temple Of The Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet, Karnak Temple”

“I only ask you to enter my house with respect. To serve you I do not need your devotion, but your sincerity. Neither your beliefs, but your thirst for knowledge. Enter with your vices, your fears and your hatreds; from the greatest to the smaller ones, I can help you dissolve them. You can look at me and love me as a female, as a mother, as a daughter, as a sister, as a friend, but never look at me as an authority above yourself. If the devotion you have for any god , It is greater than the one you have for the God that is within you, you offend them both and you offend the ONE ”

#5 Joshua Newlove

#6 Lascaux

#7 Belize

#9 For 3245 Years

#10 The Bolinao Skull

#11 That’s Old

#12 This Shipwreck

#13 Great Zimbabwe Refers To The Stone Ruins Of A Historic City Situated Near Present-Day Masvingo, Zimbabwe

Archaeological studies suggest that the central ruins and the adjacent valley were home to a Shona community of 10,000 to 20,000 people. This city was the focal point of a prosperous trading empire spanning from the 11th to the 15th centuries. Its economy was primarily based on cattle farming, crop cultivation, and the export of gold to the Indian Ocean coastline. The Kingdom of Zimbabwe, an influential Shona trading empire, had its capital in this city, which is named after the Shona phrase for “stone houses.”

#14 German Oath Skull

#15 Legendary Sword

#16 This Shadow

#17 After Undergoing Restoration Work, One Of The Most Expansive Floor Mosaics Ever Found Has Been Revealed At Hisham Palace In Jericho

The mosaic consists of 38 detailed sections that feature floral and geometric patterns made up of more than 5,000,000 stone pieces, including a 1300-year-old “tree of life.”

#18 The Arkadiko Bridge Or Kazarma Bridge In Greece Is An Astonishing 3,300-Year-Old Chariot Bridge That Is Still In Use Today

#19 At The Age Of 17, Cleopatra Became Queen Of Egypt And Ruled Until She Was 39 Years Old

She was a polyglot, as she spoke nine languages, including Ancient Egyptian and the languages of the Parthians, Hebrews, Medes, Troglodytes, Syrians, Ethiopians, and Arabs. This meant that she was able to read any book in the world.

She was also very knowledgeable in various subjects such as geography, history, astronomy, international diplomacy, mathematics, alchemy, medicine, zoology, economics, and more. Despite her many books being destroyed in a fire, some of her herbal remedies and beauty tips have survived.

Additionally, her knowledge of languages allowed her to have access to numerous papyri that are now lost. Her influence on the sciences and medicine was highly esteemed in the early centuries of Christianity, making her an unparalleled figure in human history.

#20 The Diary Of Merer

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