20+ Awesome Gifts For Everyone On Your Christmas List

When it comes to gift-giving for everyone on your list, Amazon is the old standby that will get your goods delivered with two-day Prime delivery – which we love.

And, even if you don’t have a Prime membership (though we highly recommend during the holiday season; sign up for your free trial here), the online titan is a one-stop shop that has virtually everything you can think of.

A good ol’ game of Cat-Opoly for the board game nerd who’s also o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d. with their cat. The game works like classic Monopoly except properties are out and rare breeds (see: abyssinians, tonkineses, and Turkish vans) are in.

Mystic Maze — a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle with all sorts of optical illusions and more than 50 easter eggs for your friend to discover along the way. And, perhaps best of all, NO PUZZLE DUST. Yes! That’s a promise!

A split cereal bowl for the breakfast lover who can’t STAND soggy Frosted Flakes.

A mini claw machine you can fill up with Hi-Chew or whatever other candy they simply can’t get enough of. Is it meant for children? Probably (read: yes). But whoooo cares!

A mind-bending gradient puzzle in case regular ol’ jigsaws are no longer a challenge. The 1,000-piece puzzle isn’t for the impatient; reviewers say it can take days or weeks to complete depending on how much time you put in.

And — to go with the above — a puzzle plateau so no pieces go missing. That name really has a ring to it, huh?

A Digimon X virtual pet monster that will let them raise and train their own digital monster and battle it against friends. It’s a fun, ~slightly~ violent spin on the traditional Tamagotchi.

A clever mug — that looks like a whole pot of coffee — for the caffeine lover who’s always glued to their brew.

A write-your-own cookbook for the Chrissy Teigen in your life. It has space for 80 recipes as well as handy recipe card templates, conversion tables, and room for photos so they can embrace their inner scrapbooker.

A set of nostalgic NES cartridge coasters that’ll bring them back to their simple childhood days when they spent hourssss playing Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong in their mom’s basement.

A pound of cereal marshmallows if they’re really only buying Lucky Charms for the charms (duh) and tossing away the rest. 😬

The Office Clue Edition for those who hate Toby Flenderson just as much as Michael Scott. “I tried. I tried to talk to Toby and be his friend, but that is like trying to be friends with an evil snail.” —M. Scott

A set of blooming tea balls for the tea drinker who is eager to show everyone that looseleaf can be just as aesthetic as latte art!!!

A pair of prism spectacles for the loved one who always has a boatload of work to get done but just can’t drag themselves out of bed… Now, they can still clock in or finish that essay they’ve been dragging their feet on without even sitting upright.

A gamified core trainer so they don’t have to go outside to break a sweat this winter, but they do get to pretend they’re soaring through space or hang-gliding over a distant countryside.

A hanging disco ball planter if having ABBA play 24/7 isn’t enough for them to let guests know they live and breathe to boogie. 

A sequined pillow cover that, when brushed with the back of a hand, will reveal Dwight Schrute with the face he stole from a first aid dummy. Nothing to see here!

The Book of Unusual Knowledge for that one friend who always answers Jeopardy! questions before Alex Trebek/Mayim Bialik/Ken Jennings even finishes speaking.

A freakin’ strawberry mouse!!! I would say more, but I’m honestly at a loss for words and I think the photo says it all. 🍓

A beautiful strategy board game for biology enthusiasts and/or your friends who always stop to stare at foliage.

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