20 Awesome Home Improvement Products That Make Life Easier

You’ll be wishing you found out about these 20 brilliant inventions way before now.

An easy DIY overhead garage storage rack to store your stuff and free up your garage space! Think of it like doubling the space of your garage.

Install Car Door Guards for Your Garage Walls

When you park multiple cars in your garage, it can be a little tight. If you open your door all the way, you may ding the walls but if you don’t, you might not be able to get out of your car. It becomes  a very delicate act.

There’s a way to prevent your walls from being damaged by your car door. There are car door guards that you install onto your wall which prevent the door from damaging your garage.

Prevent Mold Growth With a Bathroom Vent Fan

Installing a ventilating fan in your bath does more than just eliminate fogged-up windows, steamy mirrors and stale odors. It also helps prevent moisture-related problems, such as the growth of mold and mildew, that can be costly to remove and lead to health problems.

I put these fan timers in all my bathrooms and everyone that uses my bathrooms always points out how much they love them. Nice little cheap/easy upgrade and it really comes in handy

Install a Water Filter and Ditch Expensive Water Bottles

Insinkerator Evolution Garbage Disposal. Stainless steel grinder, easy to install and holy shit-it is so quiet that you hardly know it is on.

This water leak detector sends notifications to your smartphone when excess water is detected, and its audible alert lets you know when there’s unwanted presence of moisture

A stain remover that actually works

If you want a carpet cleaner that is effective, well built and vetted by homeowners everywhere, go with the Bissell Big Green

Is a Steam mop worth it over a regular mop with a water bucket? Oh hell yes!

I adore my steam mop. I’d marry it if I could. We have a mix of expensive hardwood, tile, and extremely cheap laminate floors that were never cared for by the previous owner.

The steam mop makes our tile and Brazilian cherry hardwood look gorgeous. It makes our cheap ass laminate look better than any other form of cleaning (but nothing is going to make that crap look really good except replacing it).

My mother uses her steam mop in a good quality laminate and it makes her floors look amazing.

Bona is the best hardwood floor cleaner ever

A restorative wood finish to make those old cabinets or floorboards look new again. Just wipe it on and gorgeous wood again!

Oh Glorious Water Pressure! When you replace your showerhead and rezlize just what you’ve been missing

Get a drain snake to reach deep into your pipes and pull up all that gross shit that’s been clogging your sink and drains

I tried everything for removing that fucking toilet bowl ring; CLR, Whink, barkeepers friend, baking soda and vinegar, baking soda and bleach and nothing helped even a little bit, until I stumbled upon this

Comet is fan-freaking-tastic. With the combo of magic eraser? GLOOORIOUS. Cleans the grime sooo well. Use comet on a damp sponge to make a paste, use this on glass top stoves to get burned on crap. You can also use this paste to get watermarks off of your faucets and things in the shower and on sinks.

A bottle of BarKeeper’s Friend because it can make so many things in your kitchen look brand new again: stained pots and pans, dull and scratched ceramic sinks, cooked-on grime on gas cooktops, tarnished shiny metal, rusty-looking stainless steel, and more.

A seven-piece gallery wall kit that comes with a hanging template to take the guesswork out of hanging up your photos. Plus it’s way cheaper than paying for custom framing!

Honda is king in walk behind mowers. It can cut while travelling two times faster, it cuts nearly twice as wide, it’s… four times easier to maneuver (at full throttle I’m nearly running after it, but turning is the same as before), no more cord to limit my range or make turning a chore.

Keypad deadbolts are a slam dunk project, there’s no downside and the convenience is amazing and it’s so much faster!

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