20 Awesome Photos You Should See Today

“Light up shoes at a local pub.”

“Store in LA has a life like wax statue to deter break ins.”

“My breakfast rusk had finger slopes for easy removal.”

“Saw these ultra-minimalist public chairs.”

“White ornament set came with a pickle ornament”

“My gummybear coke bottle looks like a revolver”

“My dog likes to smile.”

“This toilet can flush 7 billiard balls per flush.”

“The pizza pan was accidentally included in the box.”

“My hotel has a Nutella dispenser.”

“The shower in my hotel is a glass cube in the center of the room”

“The birthday balloon cow has Italy on it.”

“A cloth façade on an under construction McDonalds.”

“My cat’s medication says not to drink alcohol with it.”

“My grocery store stocks & labels pineapple upside down cake upside down.”

“This container sweating soy sauce.”

“This tree I walked by with a perfect colour gradient.”

“Our hotel room bath filled up from the ceiling.”

“I turned my regular boring Christmas tree into a Whoville tree”

“The roots of these sprouts grew in the shape of a leaf.”

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