20 Awesome Products Under $20 You Can Get On Amazon

Sycees Plug-in LED Night Light – Whether you need a few night lights for your kids or you’re tired of stubbing your toe as you stumble around in the darkness. Plug one into any wall outlet and you’re done — it’ll automatically turn on in the dark and off again in the light.

This uniquely designed slim cutlery organizer creates more space in your drawers

OXO Good Grips Swivel Peeler – The best peeler you will ever own. It peels all vegetables and fruits very easily. It’s ergonomic and easy to clean.

This sink caddy keeps all your dish cleaning tools off the counters for a clean look and it stay in place without fail.

A lacrosse ball is a fairly hard, dense ball about the size of a tennis ball that helps mimic this deep release massage with your own bodyweight. The trick is to hold the ball with constant pressure on the most painful part of the knotted muscle until it releases. Sometimes this takes seconds, other times two minutes, but it will release, and it feels amazing when it does.

No more need to use my hands or utensils to scrap food off dishes before going into the dishwasher. A clever dish squeegee to make doing the dishes way less disgusting. Best thing is when you have a trying pan full of hardened grease, you can scrape it right into your trash can and be rid of it.

Lamicall Car Air Vent Clip Holder – Great little inexpensive phone holder that does its job very well.

Contigo AUTOSEAL Travel Mug – This thing DOES NOT Leak and it keeps drinks incredibly hot or cold for hours

An odor eliminator spray to eradicate stink on pretty much anything that’s dealt with lots of dried sweat: shoes, sports equipment, mattresses, gym clothes, and more.

non-stick oven liner that’ll be MUCH easier to clean than the charred floor of your oven. Instead of burnt sugar stuck to the impossible-to-reach back left corner of your oven, you’ll be able to just pull this mat out and wash it like a dish in your sink.

This stuff provides instant relief from headaches. You just put a little on your temples and forehead and as much as you want on your neck, and it provides calming, cooling relief

Kitchen Gizmo Snap N Strain Strainer – “This is a great gadget. It can be used on any pot and is good for draining just about everything.

EZ Off Jar Opener – “Bought this for my 93 year old mother who had moved into an assisted living facility. On every visit, I tried to plan ahead and get a proper number of Gatorade and Ensure bottles she needed opened and into her little refrigerator to get her prescribed electrolytes. Since I installed this on her cabinet, she is now proud to be able to easily open whatever she needs by herself in spite of arthritic hands and lessening strength. ”

SadoTech Model C Wireless Doorbell – Functional, inexpensive, and easy to setup, the selection of melodies and volume control are also a plus.

Microwave splatter cover – “Nice and big to cover all sizes of dishes! Saves my microwave from explosions and messes while heating leftovers.”

Level 5 Cut Resistant Gloves – Durable and strong. Comfortable with its ergonomic design and snug fit

Unstoppable Laundry Scent Booster – How to make laundry smell unbelievably good

Bedbugs are insanely expensive to deal with and frankly traumatizing to live with. This Mattress Encasement will help protect against bedbugs and dust mites.

If you have an expensive mattress, get a bedbug liner. My wife and I had to throw out a 6 month old $1,200 mattress because we didn’t spend $25 on a cover. It’s really not worth trying to salvage the mattress once its infested, even if you kill all the live bugs you still need to worry about eggs.

How many rolls of paper towels do you go through every month? Whatever the number, you can shrink it by loading up on microfiber cloths.

Keep a bucket under your sink and pull out a rag whenever you need to wipe up anything from a coffee spill to cat-litter dust. They can be cleaned in your washing machine and used hundreds of times.

Energizer AA and AAA Battery Charger – If you have an Xbox controller and you run through batteries like no ones business, buy this now. It plugs into the wall and doesn’t take long to charge and will save you tons of cash.

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