20+ Awesome Tech Accessories And Gadgets

A Rocketbook Fusion notebook you can fill with handwritten notes, then blast them into cloud storage (Google Drive, iCloud, etc.) and wipe the pages clean to start over. Not only will you be able to look back on them for your own reference; you’ll *also* be able to send notes directly to that friend who skipped class the day before a big exam. (Yeah, they def owe you one.)

Wireless sleep headphones in the form of a comfy headband so you can play white noise (or whatever else helps you catch some Z’s) without the discomfort of regular earbuds or earplugs. It’ll be a *lifesaver* whether you live in the dorms, a college apartment, or at home, letting you block out the noise of loud neighbors or a roommate who’s an early riser while you’re trying to rest up for a long day of classes.

A silicone keyboard that doesn’t just add a cute pop of color to your laptop — it’ll also prevent Cheeto dust and Dorito crumbs from getting under your keys during those late-night studying sessions, because it’s no fun once certain letters stop working entirely.

A set of colorful cable protectors you can place on your charging cables to prevent them from fraying and exposing their wires, especially with how often you’re charging your devices for school. These sturdy spirals are flexible enough to pop onto your cables easily but are durable enough to support them through wear and tear — it’s a way better solution than having to shell out for an entirely new charger when you’re already on a student budget.

A vibrant wireless keyboard and mouse set because anything that adds a nice pop of color to your workspace will make sitting down at your desk every day feel a little more bearable. Because it’s wireless, it’ll be easy to take on the go if you’re running around campus, or if your classes are virtual, you’ll be able to use this colorful duo at home for all your computer needs.

A portable monitor to give yourself a second screen for referencing notes, articles, videos, and other content while you work on your laptop. It’s less bulky than a full desktop monitor, great for both dorm life or a small home office, and the portable factor means you can take it to the library, local coffee shop, or your parents’ house over Thanksgiving break.

Fire HD 10 tablet because you’ll be the smart one in your class who saves BIG on textbooks in the long run by downloading the digital versions instead. Bonus: You don’t have to lug around heavy books if you attend in-person classes. 

A pair of blue-light-blocking glasses because regardless of whether your classes are in person or virtual, you’re spending a ton of time looking at a computer and other devices, which is doing no favors for your eyes. These can help reduce eye strain and fatigue when you’re staring at a computer for hours on end, which just means you’ll be able to focus more on your lessons and homework.

A pair of Bose noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones for zoning out the world while you walk to class or blocking out the sounds of your noisy neighbors while you’re trying to listen to your Zoom lecture.

An adhesive monitor clip capable of holding your lecture notes at eye level so you can easily reference them while working on an essay on your monitor. It can hold up to 30 sheets at once! 

An electric mug warmer for when you’re studying for hours and sipping on your coffee or tea so slowly, it’d go cold halfway through if not for this handy gadget. With this, your fave caffeinated bevy will stay the perfect temp for hours, even when you temporarily forget about it during a particularly tough homework question.

A heavy-duty alarm clock that’ll make sure you don’t sleep through that 8 a.m. class, whether said class is happening on campus or on a computer screen. Even the heaviest of sleepers will find it impossible to sleep through its 113-decibel wail and flashing lights (they don’t call it the Sonic Bomb for nothing) — apologies in advance to any roommates.

An Oxo double-ended laptop cleaning brush for deep-cleaning your laptop, with a microfiber pad on one side to rid your screen of smudges and a soft retractable brush on the other to get in between your keys and remove all those dust and crumbs lurking underneath. Because the machine that’s *crucial* to getting your school tasks done deserves a little TLC.

A slim laptop stand to ~elevate~ your study or virtual schooling setup — it’ll bring your laptop closer to eye level, which is better for the ergonomics of your setup, but it’ll also ensure your laptop gets proper ventilation so it doesn’t overheat. No one has time for neck pain or a laptop that shuts down in the middle of a lecture.

And a laptop desk complete with a built-in mouse pad, cushioned supports above and below for max comfort, *and* phone and tablet holders at the top to give all your devices their place. With this, you’ll be a lean, mean, essay-writing machine whether you’re at home or in the dorms.

A six-outlet wall charger and surge protector, because as a busy student you could *always* use more outlets for all your devices. It automatically lights up in the evenings thanks to a dusk-to-dawn sensor, so you’ll be able to easily see your different cables while you’re up late studying. It has six AC outlets *and* two USB ports, plus three levels of adjustable brightness you can tap through.

And a dual-port USB power brick that’ll transform into a portable charger when you need to head to class or go run errands. Low battery? We don’t know her.

Or a USB-C cord bracelet for when you forget your charging cable back in the dorm or just don’t feel like getting up from the couch to go find a charger. It plugs right into your laptop, power bank, or wall charger to juice up your phone or tablet, AND it looks like a regular cute bracelet on your wrist, ensuring you’ll never be left without a charge.

A white noise machine because it’ll help drown out the distracting background noise of roommates, sirens, and loud street conversations when you’re trying to focus on studying *or* getting a good night’s sleep. It has 24 different sounds to help you relax and focus, and its chic wooden design will match your cute decor.

A clip-on lamp that’ll attach to the side of any desk to light up those late-night study marathons, whether you’re cozied up at home or grinding it out at the library. It can clip onto desks, tables, headboards, and even computers so you always have light when you need it, AND you can select warm or cool light depending on your mood.

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