20 Blast-from-the-Past Propaganda Posters

Imagine stumbling into a time machine, not one that transports you to battles or royal courts, but to the front lines of history’s greatest marketing campaigns.

1. “‘Let them die in the streets’ USA, 1990”

2. “’Rationing Means a Fair Share For All of Us’ – USA, 1940s”

3. “‘Where is the fifth pig?’ (1940) Anti-German puzzle created in occupied Holland”

4. “’Freedom” 1940 UK”

5. “America First by Dr Seuss (1941)”

6. “’Self determination for the Black Belt. Vote communist’, USA, 1932”

7. “In a protest against censorship, photographer A.L. Schafer staged this iconic photograph in 1934, violating as many rules as possible in one shot.”

8. “’Diplomacy, the American way’, USSR, 1986”

9. “’Racism tears Britain apart’, 2002”

10. “Anti-vac comic from the 1940s.Stupidity is Timeless.”

11. “This patient is hopeless. He was diagnosed with a complete lack of dollars. Soviet Union,1950s”

12. “‘Thanksgiving’ United States, 1967”

13. “DC statehood poster (2006)”

14. “Just drop my body on the steps of the F.D.A.” USA, 1988

15. “Don’t Poke The Bear… 2001”

16. “’Careful, honey, he’s anti-choice’ — Pro-choice poster, 1981, USA”

17. “’We Won’t Stand for the Flag, Until the Flag Stands for the People’ Counter Culture Poster by Bill Stettner, circa 1970”

18. “2009 Net Neutrality Poster”

19. “’The World According to Ronald Reagan’, by David Horsey, 1987.”

20. “‘What has he done to deserve this?’ – anti-metric poster, U.S., 1917”

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