20 Bosses Who Cannot Be Redeemed

“Boss told me I have to come into work because they need me.”

“My husband was promoted to his former boss’ position, and the guy left his office like this for my husband to move into.”

“My boss’s ’inspirational’ quote on the wall…”

“A competing company is offering us 20% more to work for them. Management’s response:”

The note says: “We cerealsly appreciate you! (milk is in the refrigerator)”

“My calculator broke so my boss got me a new one. I’m a bookkeeper — for people, not ants.”

“This week, I was told I’d be getting something that I would love and would definitely make me happy. Here’s that something.”

“Been practically killing myself at work since January 3 when they laid off the one person there to help me.”

“This is how my boss sends me art that he wants in a flyer.”

“Every weekend, my employer provides something in the break room for free to show employee appreciation. This weekend: unripe bananas!”

“Yes, that’s a metal prong in that electric socket. This is at my work, near the front of the store.”

“I asked management if I could block it off, so no kids end up touching it, and they said no. Really hope no one ends up in the hospital because of this.”

“2 weeks of telling my boss the produce in the warehouse is going bad — Him: ’Don’t worry about it.’”

“My boss likes to hide behind notes instead of talking to us. Today we found this.”

“The way I stacked pallets for maneuverability purposes vs how my boss thinks they should be to ’save space’”

“This is how my boss puts the vacuum away.”

“My boss’s pen holder”

“I pranked my boss today about his terrible handwriting.”

“I replaced all his pens with crayons and his paper with handwriting tablets for learning your ABCs.”

“This is my boss’s motorcycle. I jokingly asked him if he stole it off Batman.”

“We have a squirrel in the ceiling at work, and my boss keeps leaving food and water out for it instead of trying to get it out.”

“Guess who gets to clean its droppings every morning.”

“Boss gave me the keys, none of which are labeled.”

“Boss’s dog tried to eat my co-worker’s paycheck.”

Source: brightside.me

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