20 Celebrities Who Exceed Expectations With Kindness

Sometimes, a celebrity’s public image doesn’t accurately reflect who they are as a person. These celebrities may surprise you with their kindness and generosity, proving that sometimes, the nicest people are the ones who don’t seek attention.

1. Ian McKellen came to the spa I worked at and was absolutely lovely. We didn’t sell ice cream but there was a farm shop across the road and I mentioned it and he asked me if I’d take him there. u/ClydeinLumbo

2. I proposed to my wife at a restaurant in Kauai. Afterwards, Michael Keaton leaned over from his table with his family and enthusiastically congratulated us. Very kind and friendly. u/Warren_Puffitt

3. Giancarlo Esposito was incredibly warm and also told me I should try and get into voice acting. I have never and will never attempt to do so but it was such a nice compliment for no reason. u/dronecypher

4. Met Adam Sandler in Hawaii. Super nice guy. u/SendLocation

5. I met Weird Al at a con once. While he was signing the photo I bought, I told him about how he inspired me to write my own parody songs. He seemed genuinely interested and asked if I had a YouTube channel, but I told him I just write them, not record them. Super nice dude (at least for the brief time we spoke). u/Avandra

6. Bryan Cranston- he was filming an episode of Malcom in the middle in a Sherman oaks shopping mall. I happened to be there with my kids and we had just bought some see’s candies. We were walking and he approached us and said “ oh you bought me candy? “ we laughed gave him a piece and he autographed the candy bag. He spent a few minutes with us and was very down to earth, and funny. u/ferretfamily

7. I have worked with Steve Martin and Martin Short, they’re both super nice, respectful, and incredibly dedicated to their craft. They’ll spend hours finessing a couple lines in a show they do every night just to get it right for that evening’s performance. u/snakefest

8. I was an extra on The Last of Us and met Pedro Pascal. He was super nice. We technically weren’t allowed to talk to the “talent” and they’d usually ignore us but he and Gabriel Luna talked to us anyway. u/_PlaZma

9. I live fairly close to Jon Bernthal. I ran into him while hiking up in the mountains way out in the middle of nowhere. He was very nice and friendly, but I didn’t make a deal of talking to him or taking pictures with him since he had his kids with him and I was up there to avoid people, so I’m sure he was as well. u/Krampus0821

10. Patrick Stewart made me feel like he really listened and cared about every word I said to him in the 2 minutes we shook hands and chatted. Proper gent! u/Korean_Street_Pizza

11. Keith Richards is a super nice guy. Played guitar with him once. Spoke with him many many times over the phone as well. Used to work in a very expensive guitar store. Met lots of other people too. u/LuckyJeans456

12. Worked at a PetSmart in Atlanta and one day, out of nowhere, Queen Latifah walked in. I swear, you’d have never thought she was a celebrity. We just chatted about dogs and whatnot and there was no pretense. She didn’t even have a bodyguard or anything. Just a regular gal coming in in PJ pants, getting food for her puppies. Such a great woman. u/La-Z-Bear

13. Robin Williams is a sweet heart. u/LosBastardos717

14. I used to work at a resort hotel in Daytona Beach. Kindest celeb was Ben Affleck, who was there for an event and just wanted to get away from the crowd for a few. Ended up smoking a cig in the employee smoking area and was super nice to the staff that were out there on break. u/Wild_Alaskan

15. Pitbull is the nicest guy you’ll ever meet. u/Sss00099

16. Met Keanu Reeves when I was 10 years old when his band Dogstar were touring in the UK. My mum knew the guy who ran the venue and he managed to sneak a friend and me backstage. He came out of the toilet, saw us, came straight over and said hello, offered us a soft drink and was throughly nice. It was pre matrix (‘96 I think) so his tour bus was scrawled with people graffitiing “there’s a bomb on this bus” all over it. Classic. u/shovedog

17. Kristen Stewart was outside a bar in Chicago in 2008 and asked me if I could light her friend’s cigarette. She was really nice a polite about it. u/Mariuxpunk007

18. The kindest absolutely Post Malone, you can really feel his connection to fans and that he’s not just taking pictures/talking with people because of duty. u/robbfrenki

19. Ryan Gossling was a pretty nice down to earth guy. Met him at a motorcycle shop. u/Lo0of

20. Aaron Paul – Met him randomly in my UK hometown a day after watching the Train episode of Breaking Bad in Season 5. Really nice guy, I was super star struck, he remembered me in his AMA that he did a year later which was really cool! u/SpelunkyPunky

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