20 Celebrities With Their Faces Changed To Fit The Golden Ratio Standard

The proportions of the length of the nose, the position of the eyes and the length of the chin, are claimed to conform to some aspect of the Golden Ratio. According to this idea, the ratio of all 3 parts should be absolutely proportional.

Gigi Hadid

Benedict Cumberbatch

Keira Knightley

Keanu Reeves

Tilda Swinton

Vincent Cassel

Irina Shayk

Matthew McConaughey

Miley Cyrus

Finn Wolfhard

Finn Wolfhard

Tom Hiddleston


James McAvoy

Nina Dobrev

Zendaya Coleman

Til Schweiger

Lena Headey

Cillian Murphy

Bonus: the process of these celebrity face transformations

One comment

  1. In essence, you made everybody’s nose thinner. Alrighty.

    Nobody’s going to be able to breathe through those nostrils.

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