20 Celebs Who Have Many Kids

Eddie Murphy, 10 children

First row left to right: Eddie Murphy’s son Eric, his (Eddie’s) mother Lillian, daughter Angel, fiancée Paige Butcher with their son Max, her mother, and Eddie’s daughter Zola.

Second row: Eddie’s daughter Bella and Eddie with his daughter Izzy.

Third row: Eddie Murphy’s son Miles, daughter Bria, son Christian, and daughter Shayne.

Mick Jagger, 8 children

Alec Baldwin, 5 children

Alec Baldwin holding his daughter Carmen and his son Rafael, his wife Hilaria Baldwin with their son Leonardo, and his oldest daughter Ireland with his son Romeo.

Jude Law, 5 children

Rod Stewart, 8 children

Rod Stewart with his sons, Sean and Liam, and daughters, Renee, Kimberly, and Ruby.

Rod Stewart with his wife Penny Lancaster and their sons, Alastair and Aiden.

Rod Stewart also has a daughter, Sarah Streeter, who was raised by adoptive parents.

Steven Spielberg, 7 children

James Van Der Beek, 5 children

Left to right: James Van Der Beek with his daughter Emilia, his son Joshua, daughters Annabel and Olivia, and his wife with their daughter Gwendolyn.

Diddy, 6 children

Diddy with his sons, Christian, Quincy, and Justin, and daughters, Chance, D`Lila, and Jessie.

Bruce Willis, 5 children

His daughters: Tallulah, Evelyn, Mabel, Rumer, and Scout.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, 5 children

Jim Gaffigan, 5 children

Jim Gaffigan with his daughters, Kate Louise and Marre, and sons, Jack, Michael, and Patrick, and his wife.

Zac Hanson, 4 children

Zac Hanson and his wife with their sons, John and George, and daughters, Junia and Mary.

Steve Harvey, 7 children

Left to right: Steve Harvey’s son Jason, with his wife Amanda, son Broderick Harvey Jr., daughter Brandi, his wife Marjorie with him, daughters, Lori and Karli, son Wynton, and daughter Morgan with her husband Kareem.

Tori Spelling, 5 children

Tori Spelling holding her son Beau, her son Finn, daughter Stella, son Liam, daughter Hattie, and her husband.

Lauryn Hill, 6 children

Lauryn Hill, her sons, Micah and John, and daughters, Jelah and Sarah.

Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley with their son Zion.

Lauryn Hill also has a son, Joshua, who is not in the pictures.

Clint Eastwood, 8 children

Tish Cyrus, 5 children

Tish Cyrus and her husband Billy Ray with their daughters, Miley, Brandi, and Noah, and sons, Trace and Braison.

Kevin Costner, 7 children

Diana Ross, 5 children

Left to right: Diana’s sons, Evan and Ross, and daughters, Rhonda, Tracee, and Chudney.

Shaquille O’Neal, 5 children

Shaquille`s daughter Mearah, son Shareef, their mother Shaunie, his son Myles, daughter Amirah, and son Shaqir.

Sting, 6 children

Madonna, 6 children

Madonna with her daughters, Lourdes, Chifundo, Esther, and Stella, and sons, Rocco and David.

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