20 Cool Designs That Every City In The World Needs

Composter for dog poop

LED traffic lights, so that no one will be able to miss the signal

Bicycle escalator, to help cyclists go up steep hills

Trash can with bottle rack

This design for easily accessible priority seats in Scotland

Benches that can turn into tables

A ramp, so that ducks can get into the water easily

“The Green Man Plus” — Gives seniors and handicapped people a longer time to cross the road by just tapping a card.

A wheelchair access mat at the beach

Bike ramps, to help you climb up the stairs without having to lift your bike

A button on a crosswalk to signal the bus to wait for you

A stand for bikers to hold on to while waiting for traffic lights

Speeding ticket robot

Help when walking with high heels on metal grate

Bench with instructions for exercises you can do on it

“A water fountain that tells you how many bottles you have saved by using it”

“Women only parking spaces, Germany”

Foot-operated hand sanitizer on the streets

A pay phone booth converted into a defibrillator station

A tiny water fountain for dogs

One comment

  1. What’s with the women-only parking? Just bigger spots with padding on the walls?

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