20 Crazy Hotel Fails

“When you’re feeling great but your hotel mirror brings you back to Earth”

“I need to have a talk with the housekeeper at my hotel.”

“The hotel I’m staying at uses pool noodles as art decor in the bathroom.”

“The salt and pepper shakers in my hotel room”

“I’m staying in a hotel where the shower opens to the room and the toilet is in a closet.”

“I walked into my hotel room in Turkey and found this on my bed.”

“My hotel bathroom has 12 towel hooks.”

“A random sock in my hotel room makes me wonder if these people even clean the sheets.”

“This trash can at my hotel”

“I found this in my hotel bathroom.”

“The toilet paper in my hotel room is in a different area code.”

“I wanted to get my room cleaned but it was removed.”

“I woke up in my hotel room to find this on the ceiling.”

“The way the door for my hotel room’s terrace ’opens’”

“My hotel room’s bathroom door can only be locked from the outside.”

It seems like this photo was found in some archives. No, it’s a hotel room, present day.

“This hotel soap feels like a normal-sized soap but has the approximate volume of a hotel soap.”

“I found this wonderful bathroom in one of the 5-star hotels in Saint Petersburg.”

“I need this carpet! I found it in a hotel in Edinburgh.”

Source: brightside.me

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