20 Creative Thinkers Who Inspire Us

Explore their stories, achievements, and vision for the future, and find out how these pioneering thinkers are changing the world and inspiring us to think bigger and better.

“Another option for easy spice access — hang them inside your pantry door.”

“Found a secret Easter egg in my rental car.”

“This juice carton shows the correct way to pour the juice out of it.”

“These restaurant kids’ meal crayons with flat edges to prevent them from rolling off the table”

“This hotel’s mirror tells the weather.”

“A honey dispenser at a hotel in Japan”

“How to sleep on the train”

“My dad sneaks his remote into the pub to change the channel when he doesn’t like what’s on.”

“Speakers in the ceiling at my local airport”

“The WiFi symbol at a BBQ joint”

“Had to add a large amount of fresh pepper to a dish. Worked like a charm.”

Source: brightside.me

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