20+ Dumped Things That Found A New Home

“I found these Gucci shoes in the dumpster near my college. The dirt on the toe easily came off.”

Reddit users noted that a pair of new shoes similar to these cost $1,150.

“I found this 14K handmade gold ring. It’s worth $200 (the stone is glass). I also found those tiny hands with it.”

“I found this Carol Brass trumpet that costs about $400.”

“I took these brand new things from the dumpster near the pharmacy. I donated them to charity.”

“My husband and I went dumpster diving for the first time. That was fun!”

“I found these mid-century American Tourister suitcases near the dumpsters.”

“I had a nice haul today.”

“I found an old set that contains a compass, a telescope, and a magnifier.”

“I found this beauty in a jewelry box. This is 14K yellow gold with a tanzanite gem in the middle, surrounded by 23 genuine diamonds.”

“I noticed this set on the side of the road with the note: ’Free, I’m vegan now.’ Thank you, vegan stranger!”

“I found this miniature iJuke music box in an apartment complex dumpster.”

“I found 6 IKEA chairs on the side of the road.”

“I found this 65” TV that works perfectly. The previous owners even taped a remote to it.”

“My first finding — we’re both thrilled.”

“I found a 150-year-old book of medical text today.”

This ashtray is almost 100 years old.

“My boyfriend found this in the dumpster at work. I cleaned the leather with vinegar and applied linseed oil to the wood.”

This MacBook Pro and iPod that both still work were thrown away. But people who understand the value of things picked them up.

These amazing vintage furniture pieces also got a new home.

“I found 2 gift cards in the dumpster at a local thrift shop. I just checked the balance on them and each one has $100 on it.”

“I found a saxophone. I’m going to sell it for $200 and pay off some of my class fees with it.”

“I found money in an old backpack that was thrown in the dumpster.”

“This is one of the craziest hauls in my 8 years of dumpster diving. Everything is new. I sold it all for $800.”

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