20+ Fan Theories That Make Sense But Haven’t Been Proven

Members of the Addams Family are unable to kill each other.

The original Scooby Doo takes place in an alternate reality where the Great Depression never ended, which is why literally everywhere the gang goes is falling apart and full of professors running gold smuggling schemes.

Peppa Pig is set in an Orwell’s Animal Farm universe where the animals have risen up, killed all the humans in an apocalypse (farmageddon maybe?) and taken over their respective positions in society.

The “my cabbages” guy from Avatar was intentionally putting himself in harms way for the insurance.

That the Joker in The Dark Knight is a military veteran gone insane from years of war and hence is very adept at using different kinds of weapons and knives as well as tactically very sharp.

The Mad Max series of movies are just stories, fables, passed down from generation to generation. Max is a folk hero of the wasteland. All of the stories begin and end the same way. Whether or not he ever really existed no one knows. He could be a conglomeration of many men or just some stranger who helped out one warrior tribe back in the day and grew into a folklore legend like Paul Bunyan or Robin Hood.

Harry, Snape and Voldemort are the three brothers (the Peverells) from the story of the deathly hallows. It’s sorta a history repeating itself case Voldemort is the first brother who desired the world’s most powerful wand Snape is the second brother who wanted to bring back the woman he loved And Harry was the third brother who wanted to use the invisibility cloak to lead a peaceful life This coincidentally would make Dumbledore death because at one point he possessed all three of the Hallows and when Harry saw him near the end of the last book, he greeted Dumbledore like an old friend, Just as the third Peverell brother did.

The theory from Toy Story that explains that Andy’s mom was Jessie’s old owner. This was why she never seemed confused about Jessie showing up. She assumed that she gave Jessie away but obviously she was just in an old box.

How I Met Your Mother: Barney and Lily aren’t terrible people. They’re just portrayed that way as a result of Ted’s biases towards them. Ted is an unreliable narrator.

The Rock (the movie) is actually a James Bond movie. Aside from being played by Connery, John Mason explains that he was trained by British Intelligence. At the end of Diamonds Are Forever, Bond is on the SS Cannera, which docked in San Francisco in 1971, just one year before Mason was captured in The Rock.

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Padme died not because she was “sad” or anything, but because she was killed by Palpatine.

Crookshanks from Harry Potter once belonged to the Potter family, but ran off when the house was destroyed by Voldemort, later to be found by the owner of the magical menagerie, this is why he could identify Peter Petitgrew and Sirius Black in their animungui form.

At the end of The Thing, Kurt Russell’s character gives Keith David’s character a sip from his flask. But really, he has just given Keith David a sip of gasoline. This ties back to the introduction of Kurt Russell’s character, when he “defeats” the chess computer by short-circuiting it with whiskey. So when Kurt Russell smiles wryly after watching Keith David drink gasoline without reacting, he’s smiling because he has proven that Keith David is actually The Thing, but he’s still gonna die.

In the show Loki, the main version of Kang has made himself immortal via a groundhogs day style timeloop. His plan is not about preventing a war, he is trying to find a way to kill himself and end the reincarnation loop because he is tired and wants to die. Loki says that he is just a regular human man, and kang confirms this. He is not an immortal and has a normal lifespan.

In The Office (US) Kevin is actually as smart as Michael said he was. He is also the actual Office prankster and gets the whole office in on making him out to be this big dumb guy. The fact he ended his character arc by buying a bar and doing extremely well despite getting fired for making up a magic number that solves all the offices problems just doesn’t add up.

More obscure, but the idea that Neander Wallace from Blade Runner 2049 is actually a replicant. Wallace controls all replicant production, and was single-handedly responsible for the reverse on the ban on replicants. He is also blind and uses eye implants. The film shows that older gen replicants have ripped out the eye containing their serial numbers so they cannot be identified as not human. Wallace even utters the line “we are the Gods now.” I like the idea that he is an old generation replicant who blinded himself to hide his origins and took over the replicant industry in order to control and ensure the continuation of his species.

Everybody Loves Raymond, The King of Queens, The Nanny, Becker, and Cosby are all in the same universe.

Dennis in it’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia blossoms into a secret serial killer over the course of the show and his first secret kill is Brian LaFevre.

Zion is just another level of the matrix. It’s why Neo has matrix-type powers in the unplugged world.

Ty Lee is able to perform physically impossible aerial stunts because she’s an airbender who doesn’t know she’s bending, probably descended from airbenders who escaped the genocide by chi-blocking the firebenders. They hid in plain sight in the Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation by enforcing strict conformity on their children in order to “pass” and teaching them chi blocking. They also have lots of kids to one day make enough descendants to eventually repopulate the air temples. That’s why Ty Lee has 6-7 siblings when most upper-class fire nation families appear to have 1-2 children and she’s frustrated that her family treats her as part of a “matched set” and discourages standing out.

That most of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off happens in Cameron’s imagination. Ferris is a popular kid he doesn’t really know that well, so to cope with another day he’s too neurotically anxious to go to school, he imagines what it would be like to spend a day skipping school with the popular kid and his hot girlfriend.

Doc Brown murdered Marty Mcfly. When Marty comes back to 1985, he arrives just in time to see himself go back to 1955. Only that wasn’t him. That was the Marty who grew up rich. Doc must have convinced rich Martyhim to help, and sent him into the distant past with no way of returning to complete the loop.

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