20 Forgotten Photographs: Tracing Their Impact on Our Reality

If you share the same fascination for our ancestors’ experiences as the passionate individuals behind the Facebook group, Historical Pictures and Old Memories, then look no further.

Below, you will find an enthralling gallery of candid images that offer a captivating and enlightening window into the past.

Charlie Chaplin Was Ahead Of His Time, 1922. This Is One Of The Earlier Distracted Boyfriend Situations On Film

A Young Kiowa (Kiawah) Woman In Native Dress

Albert Einstein Posing For A Photograph In Zurich, Switzerland At The Age Of 24 In 1903

Ernest Hemingway On The Steps Of His Cuban Estate Finca Vigia, Nuzzling One Of His Beloved Polydactyl Cats; San Francisco De Paula, Circa 1954

Bell Labs Experimental Video Phone 1960s

4.5 Megabytes Of Data In 62,500 Punched Cards, 1955

1948 – Scottish Ballerina Moira Shearer Plays Dancer Victoria Page In The Classic Film ‘The Red Shoes’

Lisa Fonssagrives At The Eiffel Tower, 1939

Digging Graves As A Hobby (1916)

A Man Selling Brooms And Baskets. Japan, 1890-1896

In The Victorian Era, The Woman’s Hair Was Considered An Important Part Of Her Appearance And It Marked Her Status And Her Femininity

Women in that era were often expected to grow their hair to great lengths, and it was common knowledge that a woman’s crowning glory was her hair.

Participants In The Miss Beautiful Eyes Beauty Pageant, Paris, 1930

Formal Portraits Rarely Featured Smiles, But They Can Be Found In Photographs Of Daily Life During This Period

A Baby Learning How To Walk In A Wicker Frame As Mom Does Laundry. 1910s

Nellie Brown, An African-American Cowgirl, C.1880s

Anne Frank At School

Star Wars Cast Out Of Costumes: Harrison Ford (Han Solo), David Prowse (Darth Vader), Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca), Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia), Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) And Kenny Baker (R2-D2). 1977

A Native American, Belonging To The Ojibwe People, Spear Fishing In A Lake Somewhere In Minnesota, United States. Photograph Taken In 1908

Whirling Horse, A Sioux Native American Man. Photographed By Gertrude Käsebier, C.1900

Bruce Lee Teaching His Son, Brandon, Martial Arts At An Early Age. 1960s

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