20 Graphs Prove That Data Is So Beautiful

““Whitest” Injuries: Percentage of Individuals who went to the ER for a given activity who reported as White”

“Recreational marijuana legalization now has support from over two-thirds of the American public.”

“Where do the world’s ~1 billion sheep live?”

“Super Bowl Ads: The use of sex as a selling device has almost been wiped out!”

“History and success of Coups and US involvement in the past.”

“Number of Wilhelm Screams per Lord of the Rings Movie”

“US Dog & Cat Ownership by State”

“US State Contribution to National GDP”

“Fashion Trends according to Google”

“British wealth by age group.”

“Percentage of colors used by LEGO each decade – Inspired from Carron, J. (2016). 67 Years of Lego Sets”

“Michael Scott (from The Office) achieved substantially better turnover rates than the industry average”

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