20 Highly Creative People

“Made a Christmas tree hat, with working lights.”

“Crocheted my wedding dress”

“Just finished the ocean resin decor.”

“My 14-year-old daughter took a selfie and tried some photo-realism on her tablet she got for Christmas.”

“My kids (6 and 3.5) told me they want to mask up and fight racism, so I made them some armor!”

“I make moss rings!”

“Ceramic plant friend stakes I make to put in pots!”

“2021 temperature blanket (mainly London)”

“Thought I would make some face earrings a little more colorful with a mix of pressed flowers.”

“My proudest painting I’ve completed”

“A humpback whale stained glass mirror that I made”

“I made a very large Totoro.”

“Upcycled a Barbie makeup head + stone texture paint and got a planter!”

“I made a spooky sand sculpture!”

“An owl that’s been carved into a (dead) tree along my favorite woods trail”

“My friend painted this watering can.”

“Someone in Stevenage (UK) has gone poppy-mad.”

“Spent a couple of months 3D-printing and assembling this glow in the dark 5-foot T-Rex for my son. No more night light needed.”

“Most satisfying piece I’ve ever made, used varnish and resin for a super glossy look.”

“Space glass pendant”

Source: brightside.me

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