20 Illustrations About What Humanity Does To Our Planet

Victims of fashion

The next generation is at risk to swim in such water.

Human plants kill natural plants.

“Waste doesn’t pick up itself.”

Today, even The Little Mermaid would change her mind.

Humanity was less dangerous in previous ages.

Take a closer look, these aren’t jellyfish.

It seems like it’s the only way to protect animals from people.

The lungs of the earth are burning.

Clean water is already unusual for fish.

Our grandparents know how to save the planet.

This iceberg won’t help them survive.

Our desires take precedence over nature.

Silent, lifeless neighbors

No other animal can replace rhinos.

Climate change disconnects

Everyone sees what they want.

Human signs are everywhere.

The underwater world won’t thank us for this.

We need to try our best to save these relations.

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