20+ Lucky People Who Have Found Treasures In Thrift Stores

“Found the perfect mug today at my local Savers — only 89¢!”

“A Calvin Klein slim fit suit and John Varvatos shoes for $16!”

“My fiancé proposed by drawing a ring on my finger. We found the ring he drew in a random thrift shop 7 months later.”

“Just found this beauty at a yard sale for $20.”

“I never thought I’d see this in real life so, of course, I bought it for 50¢.”

“I had to have this blanket. It must’ve taken so much time to make! It’s incredible.”

“SCORE!!! 14 skeins of wool and alpaca mixed yarn for $5.99 at Savers. $5.99 for $97 worth of yarn!!!”

“Can’t believe I got the lot for $6!”

“Got an Eames-style chair for $40.”

“One extra-long skirt found for $3 = 1 regular length skirt + bonus homemade shorts!”

“I found a $350 bag for $10 in a charity shop!”

“Found this romper for $5! It’s comfortable for both staying home and going out.”

“Found this pendant labeled as costume jewelry for $3 — took it to a jeweler and they said it’s made from unmarked 18k gold.”

“Found this rug on the curbside. A little steam cleaning and she’s a total treat.”

“Perfectly working Pentax K1000, $25 at the local flea market!”

“Found this whole ensemble (including the shoes) for $18.”

“Found this beauty for $30.”

“Scored this cloud couch. It’s so cozy (faux lamb), like a giant sweater!”

“Found the perfect chair for my new reading nook and it was only $8!”

“Picked up these vintage Levi’s and in one of the pockets was a movie ticket for A Bug’s Life in 1998.”

“A great flea market find! I love Garfield and giant orange cats.”

“My daughter and me in our thrifted Levi’s T-shirts that were just $2 each.”

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