20 Marriages That Were Doomed From The Start

“Constant arguing, total lack of affection, always verbally undermining each other, never accepting blame.

We warned him a few times, asked him if he was sure, tried to make sure he was aware of his best decisions for his own happiness (and hers by extension) but they got married anyway.”

“I was a bridesmaid and when the groom got drunk at the reception he tried to put his hand up my dress.

He cheated on her within a year of their marriage.”

“My SIL’s second wedding. She got drunk and said she only married him to prove to a judge she had a stable home environment so she could keep full custody of her daughter.

Told her husband and he admitted he married for the same reason.

They divorced a few years later.”

“The groom was a high-school friend of mine. The bride dodged the kiss attempt by the groom as they were declared wed by the priest.

My bf at the time whispered to me “yeah, she grabbed my @$$ earlier.””

“Cought them arguing 20 minutes before the ceremony. The whole ceremony was stiff and they were behaving like actors, not people in love.

They spent half of the reception apart and when they got together the arguing continued.

They both went missing throughout the night, the husband wasn’t found until the morning.

They lasted 3 months before divorcing.”

“Grooms speech was all about how he liked her hair and makeup. They didn’t last 4 months.”

“During the reception the newlyweds went their own ways, away from the reception hall, and never spent any time together.

The groom spent time smoking cigars away from the venue while the bride was with her girlfriends.

The bride’s uncle had the DJ dedicate a song her, and she was nowhere to be found.”

“Groom went outside with his brother and friends to drink “better” beer than her parents had paid for.

They hardly saw each other, both got drunk (separately) and ended up arguing with each other on their wedding night after the wedding was over.

They lasted less than 2 years.”

“I worked with the couple to plan wedding music for their ceremony.

The two of them arrived with their mothers and started arguing immediately.

It was painfully obvious that the couple didn’t know how to accommodate each other or to give-and-take on basic things.”

“I was attending my uncle’s wedding and the song he choose to have the first dance with his new wife was “girls girls girls” by Mötley Crüe.

They divorced 4 months later.”

“We played Crosby stills and Nash’s “love the One you’re with” at our reception because we thought it would be funny.

We divorced five years later.”

“Friend’s husband made a joke at the reception that she married him because she was someone who couldn’t handle the “stress” of living alone.”

“When the bride was so drunk they had to hold for nearly 45 minutes to get her to sober up.

She barely made it down the aisle, sat through the ceremony and didn’t make an appearance at the reception.”

“The bride’s speech talked more highly of the wedding planner than the groom.

They divorced before their first anniversary.”

“At the rehearsal dinner when the mother in law and the bride to be got into a heated argument about how much the groom can drink.

My question: what side were each of them on?”

“He told the bride to be to shut up in his thank you speech at the reception.”

“My friend chose “bittersweet symphony” as the music for the wedding party entrance.

Which, let’s be fair, is still better than U2’s “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.””

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