20 Moments When Everything Went Wrong

Remember, we’ve all been there, and sometimes the best way to move forward is with a smile and a story to tell.

“Instant Pot pulled pork explosion in our brand new kitchen.”

“Been feeling down lately so wanted to treat myself with a new face mask… got chemical burn instead”

“Neighbor across from me’s trash cans. I don’t know what happened to them, my dad says they weren’t like this when he left for work in the morning.”

“Chose the $60 fast cash option at the atm – gave me $1 bills”

“My dog after only 5 minutes in the woods.”

“Friend paid 10 extra dollars for meatballs”

“Hot tub down”

“Today I learned not to leave a clear bottle of water in my car on a hot sunny day!!”

“Running late for work. And this. Not my delivery.”


“$5 worth of tokens at the mall’s arcade”

“Little brother got a moped 5 days ago”

“35lb beagle ate the carrot cake I made. With cream cheese frosting. This is all that remains. RIP carrot cake.”

“When you book a fun place to stay, but the toilet is in the middle of the bedroom.”

“My gf shoes self destructed today at dinner.”

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