20 Most Unforgettable Opening Scenes In Movies

The most memorable and impactful opening scenes in cinematic history. From stunning visuals to captivating dialogue, these movie openings set the tone for the rest of the film and have remained etched in our memories long after the credits have rolled.

“Saving Private Ryan”

“Raiders of the Lost Ark!!

No contest. It’s movie magic defined.”

“Up. What a whirlwind of emotions.”

“As far back as I remember, I always wanted to be a gangster”

“I really love the opening scene of Back to the Future. You get so much info about the characters and their relationship from almost nothing. All the clocks in Docs garage, the homemade dog-feeder, the newscaster speaking and then the box of plutonium, Marty and the giant speaker, the phone call with Doc, and Marty racing out the door.”

“Inglorious Basterds.

Au revoir Shoshana!”

“Office Space

when he looks over and notices that the old man with the walker has gone further than he has in his car”

“The Matrix.”

“Lord of War”

“Snatch: They show how all the characters are connected”

“Lion king”

“28 Weeks Later”


“Zombieland opening title sequence, with people getting chased by zombies in super slo-mo.

It’s stunningly beautiful.”

“Raising Arizona The pre title-card opening is like ten minutes long. In those ten minutes they completely flush out the development of the two main characters. Their love story is completely told before the movie even really “starts”. It is hilarious, incredibly shot and edited. And you can rewatch it about 10,000 times. It’s always been one of my favorite, if not my absolute favorite film openings of all time.”

“The opening of Top Gun was so good they used it again in Maverick.”

“X2 gets a solid vote. Nightcrawler ripping it up in the Whitehouse never gets old for me.”


Starting at Earth, then panning out of the solar system, then the galaxy, then out to the edge of the universe, all while listening to older and older radio transmissions. Genius.”

“Scream. Drew Barrymore was all over the promotion for the film and was a huge star. To kill her off in the opening scene in the manner they did was shocking”

“The Dark Knight”

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