20 Mother’s Day Gifts That Are Both Amazing *And* Under $25

A simply designed pastel mug warmer to keep their tea and coffee warm on their counter even on mornings when they’re busy somehow juggling a bajillion things at once with their two mere mortal hands.

Plus a tin of floral-inspired, decaffeinated Harney & Sons Mother’s Day tea, because why give Mom a bouquet of flowers when you can give them 30 days of flowers they can drink?

A wine caddy for their bath tub that will basically make them feel like they’re inside an episode of Scandal, sans all the messy political drama and the effort of having to choose impeccable outfits every day.

A pair of wireless sleep headphones that will play white noise or the music of their choice in a comfy headband, so they don’t have to risk their ears getting sore while they snooze.

A fill-in-the-blank What I Love About Mom book, because they may know how much you love them, but these sweet little reminders never get old ❤️.

A gorgeous beginner-friendly pastel paint-by-number perfect for the mom always on the lookout for a new crafting project, with with an end result so beautiful they’ll want to frame it in the front hall.

A HyperChiller that will became the new BFF of any mom whose blood runs caffeinated. This turns hot coffee into iced in a literal minute (same goes for that rosé they forgot to put in the fridge!).

A lightweight, faux-leather tote so versatile, it’ll last them through every season. Plus, side pockets!! Finally a place to store all the emergency granola bars.

A rapid egg cooker that I am warning you right now is going to become their only personality trait. It can make soft, medium, *and* hard-boiled eggs in addition to poaching, scrambling, and making omelets out of them. This gizmo is like a thousand potential brunches in one.

A tiny milk frother that makes rich, creamy froths in seconds, making Mom as powerful as the Starbucks mermaid herself. It also doesn’t need to be plugged in, cleans with a quick stream of hot running water, and is teensy for storing.

A sushi-making kit perfect for beginners or intermediate sushi makers, so they can finally mix and match the exact ingredients their adventurous heart desires.

A compact mini donut maker for any mom with a sweet tooth — truly, can you think of anything in this universe more delicious than a warm homemade donut?? I’ll wait.

A rainbow prism suncatcher they can easily hang indoors or out to refract sunlight and create a bunch of teensy little rainbows all over the place, making the living room look like a magical realm.

A gorgeous solar wind chime with color changes so mesmerizing they can truly ~paint with all the colors of the wind~ while they admire it from their front porch.

A mini retro-inspired Bluetooth speaker they can set on their desk or kitchen counter to do all their sound-related bidding, whether it’s playing the Frozen 2 soundtrack for the little ones for the umpteenth time or taking calls.

A whole set of British chocolate bars from Cadbury, aka the holy grail of any chocolate-loving Mom living stateside. Sorry @ all the other chocolate here.

A customizable family cookbook so they can create a cross-generational masterpiece with everything from your grandma’s famous chocolate chip cookies to your infamous stuffed mac ‘n’ cheese.

A bunch of teensy macaron boxes for a delightful way to brighten up any space in their home, whether they use it for storing pills and trinkets or just staring at them looking all fancy and French on their bedside table.

A set of rose gold wine stoppers to preserve not just their wine, but their fancy kitchen aesthetic. Not only are these super easy to use, but reviewers swear by these as a leakproof option for storing bottles in the fridge on their side.

A teensy mini waffle maker that will churn out adorably-sized, perfectly cooked-through waffles in mere minutes, not to mention hash browns, paninis, biscuits, and even (gasp) PIZZA. If they can dream it, they can mini waffle it.

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