20 Movies That Foretell Mankind’s Future

“The Expanse. Until we find out exactly what’s on Pheobe it’s a possibility” – StewofPuppies

“The little mermaid. The sea levels do be rising” – Happy_Description_13

“Not really a movie, but 1984. We’re quite literally living in it. Government blatantly spying on us, a constant blast of entertainment to distract the masses, mass surveillance on a global scale, etc. It’s like governments and corporations used the book as a fucking instruction guide than anything else.” – Faithless195

“Simpsons Movie.” – GenoSnas

“Yes. Interstellar. Just the life on Earth part, not the escaping Earth part.” – Tider99

“Little bit of Fahrenheit 451, dash of equilibrium and a sprinkle of Back to the Future 2” – b0r3dw0rk3r

“The Day After – 1980’s nuclear holocaust film” – Mr_Frible

“Blade runner with even more sex replicants. City is kind of dirty but the noodles look good.” – mxxiestorc

“Mad Max: Fury Road gets a lot of elements of what I see happening over the next 50 years right. Water scarcity and desertification is upon us already.” – makingclaims

“The Fifth Element! I love that movie, I think the vibrancy and capitalist expanse fits our current trajectory quite well. Advertisements and junk food everywhere all the time, bright neon and funky fashion, it’s all going to happen!” – candycrunch1

“Her. Surprisingly mundane; different but not spectacular; exciting new AI tech seems poised to make life incredible, but as it gains more intelligence it loses interest in us completely and disappears to do its own thing.” – NotABonobo

“Don’t look up. Maybe not with an actual meteor, but this is how we will probably actually respond to a major threat to humanity.” – Dutch_Fudge

“Not a movie but a show. “Black Mirror” is really convincingly creepy. More than a handful of the episodes have had a “we only need the technology but once we have it, this is what is going to happen, and we aren’t far off on the tech now” vibe.” – Ginger_Chick

“Somewhere between Black Mirror and Gattaca. Right now it is a trend to foresee the “end of the world” or r/collapse of civilization but imo that probably isn’t going to happen. Its just the modern day version of Y2K/flying cars in the year 2000. the real future is going to be more like a slow/mundane decay, with some hard ethical questions” – False-Wolverine-7457

“Which is why it was my favorite of the Best Picture nominees (until I saw Drive My Car). The “it should’ve been more subtle/funny” people piss me off. IT’S A MOVIE ABOUT HOW HUMANITY IS DESTROYING ITSELF ASSHOLES!! THAT’S NOT A MESSAGE THAT NEEDS TO BE SUBTLE OR FUNNY.” – MuNansen

“Planet of the Apes, don’t worry about why, just keep letting those researches from Pfizer test the brain enhancement drugs on large apes, nothing to worry about and nothing that has already gone wrong. Definitely no super-intelligent apes preparing a mass enlightenment of animal kind and world war + enslavement of humans” – pdxblazer

“Anyone remember Stephen King’s The Stand? How about 1 nation going for germ warfare on another, but they have the only cure. Once everyone’s dead, that first nation waltzes in and takes control.” – willc453

“I think about both Idiocracy and Wall-E every single time I go to Walmart..” – TimesThreeTheHighest

“Terry Gilliam’s Brazil is probably the most accurate Dystopian film when compared to current times.” – Oopeeyay

“Minority Report. But instead of 3 people, it’s simply an algorithm.” – Soyoulikedonutseh

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